Front Row Solutions provides a unique Sales Productivity, Accountability and Management system that fulfills the promise of Real Time sales information. Our software provides both management and sales representatives with an instant overview of their sales performance at any given moment. By capturing sales information with mobile devices and smart phones Front Row is able to provide real-time sales data and metrics at your fingertips. This provides invaluable insight to provide direction and training to your sales staff. With our system, effective sales call tracking and sales rep tracking are now possible enabling your company to enhance sales performance. How it Works The two main components to the Front Row system are:

  1. The mobile device (SMS Texting) or Smart Phone (application interface) Sales representatives can transmit sales data and sales metrics seamlessly into Front Row’s management dashboard via SMS Text Message, mobile browser and applications on smart phones or via the Internet on PC’s and laptops. This process can provide comprehensive sales reporting metrics and take as little as 15 seconds after each sales call.
  2. The Front Row Solutions Sales Dashboard The sales data and metrics are sent to the Front Row System where it is processed, in real time, and displayed in our Sales Dashboard. This Real Time information allows sales managers and executives to gain valuable insight in to sales activities and Key Performance Indictors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The reporting, charting and dashboard capabilities provide a full suite of standard, customized and comparison reporting features. The Sales Dashboard platform is web-based, eliminating the need for additional costly software purchases. Following consultation, Front Row can set up a new fully customized company account in less than 48 hours.

App Overview

In order to make the data entry as quick and easy as possible Front Row has designed and built an application for the iPhone and iPad. The iOS application significantly improves our users (Sales Reps and Field Agents) experience with the Front Row System and provides the fastest way of entering client activities. The iOS version incorporates two of the most important functions needing to be performed by Font Row users Entering Activity Cards for Client interactions and 2) Entering New Client Accounts. In order for the iOS application to be useful for a user they will need to have an active account on the Front Row Sales Pro System. These account credentials play a dual role. 1) they are used to log in to the web interface (Dashboard) of Front Row to perform account updates and look ups, plan call routes and perform other valuable sales related functions Used to log the iOS application in to the users account to download/upload client interactions and information.

When a user launches the iOS application they are presented with a screen that has 3 choices.

  1. Answer Activity: allows the user to answer a series for predefined questions to describe their client interaction. Types of questions like: Call Type, Who Contacted, Call Result, Sale Amount and Notes.
  2. New Client: The user can input a new client name (free form alpha numeric input field) to identify the new client. Typically this is the Clients name or Business name.
  3. Update Database: This function provides the interface to input the users account credentials. Once successfully logged in the user’s client list and activity cards will b downloaded to the device.